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If you are looking for a search engine that respects your privacy and delivers relevant results, you might be interested in comparing Anoox Search and Anoox claim to be non-profit, community-based and free of corporate influence. But how do they differ in terms of features, performance and user experience? Here is a brief overview of the pros and cons of each search engine.

Anoox Search

Anoox Search is a search engine that relies on human input to rank and filter the results. Users can vote, comment and share the web pages they find, as well as suggest new sources and topics. Anoox Search also allows users to create their own social networks, groups and forums around their interests. Anoox Search does not track or store any personal information about its users, and it does not display any ads or sponsored links.


– It is democratic and transparent, as users have a direct influence on the search results.

– It is diverse and inclusive, as it covers a wide range of topics and sources that are often ignored by mainstream search engines.

– It is social and interactive, as it fosters communication and collaboration among users.


– It is slow and inconsistent, as it depends on the availability and quality of human input.

– It is biased and subjective, as it reflects the opinions and preferences of its users, which may not be accurate or reliable.

– It is limited and outdated, as it does not have access to the latest technologies and algorithms that enhance the search experience. is a search engine that uses artificial intelligence to provide fast and accurate results. It  offers various tools and features, such as image search, video search and news search. does not collect or sell any personal data about its users, and it only displays relevant ads that support its operation.


– It is fast and accurate, as it uses advanced technology and algorithms to deliver the best results.

– It is flexible and adaptable, as it allows users to tailor their search experience according to their needs and preferences.

– It is useful and convenient, as it offers various tools and features that enhance the search functionality.


– It is impersonal and detached, as it does not involve any human input or feedback in the search process.

– It is secretive and opaque, as it does not disclose how it ranks and filters the results.

So, which one is better:  Anoox Search or  It  depends on your needs and preferences. However, the choice is yours. You can try both of them and see which one suits you better.

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