Airbit Review

If you are looking for a platform to sell your beats online, you might have heard of Airbit. Airbit is one of the most popular and trusted websites for beatmakers and producers who want to monetize their music. But is it worth it? In this Airbit review, I will give you an overview of the features, benefits, drawbacks, and alternatives of Airbit, so you can decide if it is the right choice for you.

What is Airbit?

Airbit is an online marketplace where you can upload, sell, and license your beats to artists, labels, and media companies. You can also create your own website and store using Airbit’s tools and templates, and integrate it with your social media accounts and email marketing services. Airbit allows you to set your own prices, offer discounts and coupons, create contracts and licenses, track sales and analytics, and collect payments via PayPal or Stripe.

What are the benefits of Airbit?

Some of the benefits of using Airbit are:

– You can upload unlimited beats and keep 100% of the profits.

– You can access over 2 million artists who are looking for beats on Airbit.

– You can join the Airbit Chart, which ranks the top-selling producers on the platform and gives them more exposure and opportunities.

– You can earn passive income from YouTube Content ID, which automatically monetizes your beats on YouTube videos that use them.

– You can collaborate with other producers and split the revenue using Airbit’s collaboration feature.

– You can learn from industry experts and successful producers through Airbit’s Academy, which offers courses, tutorials, tips, and advice on how to grow your music business.

What are the drawbacks of Airbit?

Some of the drawbacks of using Airbit are:

– You have to pay a monthly or annual fee to access the premium features, such as unlimited uploads, YouTube Content ID, collaboration, custom voice tags, and more.

– You have to compete with thousands of other producers who are selling similar beats on Airbit.

– You have to rely on Airbit’s platform and policies, which may change or shut down at any time.

– You have to deal with customer service issues, such as refunds, disputes, chargebacks, and fraud.

What are the alternatives to Airbit?

Some of the alternatives to Airbit are:

– BeatStars: BeatStars is another popular platform for selling beats online, which offers similar features as Airbit, such as unlimited uploads, YouTube Content ID, collaboration, custom voice tags, and more. However, BeatStars also has some unique features, such as live streaming, beat battles, contests, sync licensing, and more. BeatStars also has a larger user base than Airbit, with over 4 million users.

– Traktrain: Traktrain is a platform for selling beats online that focuses on underground and niche genres, such as lo-fi, trap, boom bap, vaporwave, and more. Traktrain has a curated selection of producers who are invited or approved by the staff. Traktrain also has a lower fee than Airbit and BeatStars, with only $9 per month for unlimited uploads.

– Soundee: Soundee is a platform for selling beats online that offers a simple and intuitive interface for both producers and artists. Soundee has a flat fee of $19 per month for unlimited uploads and features. Soundee also has a unique feature called Soundee Exchange, which allows producers to exchange beats with each other for free.


Airbit is a great platform for selling beats online if you want to access a large pool of artists who are looking for beats. Airbit also offers some useful features for managing your music business, such as YouTube Content ID, collaboration, contracts, analytics, and more. However, Airbit also has some drawbacks, such as the monthly or annual fee, the competition with other producers, and the dependence on their platform and policies. Therefore, you should weigh the pros and cons of Airbit before signing up. You should also check out some of the alternatives to Airbit that may suit your needs better.

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