Submithub Review

If you are an independent artist or a music blogger, you might have heard of Submithub, a platform that connects musicians with curators. Submithub claims to be the best way to get your music heard by hundreds of blogs, playlists, labels, radio stations, and influencers. But is it really worth it? In this blog post, I will share my honest opinion and experience with Submithub, as well as some tips and tricks to make the most of it.

What is Submithub?

Submithub is a website that allows artists to submit their music to various curators, such as bloggers, playlisters, radio stations, labels, and influencers. The idea is simple: you upload your song, choose the genres and moods that match it, write a short pitch, and select the curators you want to send it to. You can either use a free credit or a premium credit to submit your song. A free credit allows you to send your song to one curator at a time, and you have to wait 4 hours between each submission. A premium credit allows you to send your song to multiple curators at once, and you get a guaranteed response within 48 hours. You can buy premium credits or earn them by reviewing other artists’ songs.

What are the benefits of Submithub?

Submithub can be a great tool for artists who want to get exposure and feedback for their music. Some of the benefits are:

– You can reach hundreds of curators who are interested in your genre and style of music.

– You can get honest and constructive feedback from curators who listen to your song for at least 90 seconds.

– You can get featured on blogs, playlists, radio stations, labels, or social media accounts that have a large and engaged audience.

– You can network with other artists and curators who share your musical taste and vision.

– You can discover new music and trends that inspire you and help you improve your craft.

Why not give Submithub a try today. Thanks for Reading!

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