Jodeci is a legendary R&B group that emerged in the early 1990s and influenced the genre with their soulful vocals, sensual lyrics, and innovative production. The group consisted of two pairs of brothers: Cedric and Joel Hailey, and Donald and Dalvin DeGrate. They were discovered by Uptown Records founder Andre Harrell, who gave them creative freedom and paired them with producer DeVante Swing. Jodeci’s debut album, Forever My Lady, was released in 1991 and spawned three number-one hits on the Billboard R&B chart: “Come and Talk to Me”, “Stay”, and the title track. The album sold over three million copies and established Jodeci as one of the leading acts in the new jack swing era.

Jodeci’s second album, Diary of a Mad Band, was released in 1993 and showcased a more mature and diverse sound. The album featured the smash hit “Cry for You”, which became their first top-ten pop hit, as well as “Feenin'”, “Lately”, and “What About Us”. The album sold over two million copies and earned Jodeci critical acclaim and numerous awards. Jodeci also became known for their provocative stage presence and fashion style, which influenced many other artists.

Jodeci’s third and final album, The Show, the After Party, the Hotel, was released in 1995 and continued their musical evolution. The album featured guest appearances from rappers such as Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, and Tha Dogg Pound, as well as singers such as Missy Elliott, Timbaland, and Stevie Wonder. The album spawned the hits “Freek’n You”, “Love U 4 Life”, and “Get on Up”. The album sold over one million copies and cemented Jodeci’s legacy as one of the most influential R&B groups of all time.

Jodeci disbanded in 1996 due to personal issues and creative differences. The members pursued solo careers or formed other groups, such as K-Ci & JoJo, Dru Hill, and Sisqo. Jodeci reunited briefly in 2014 for a performance at the Soul Train Awards and released a comeback single, “Every Moment”, in 2015. However, they have not released a full-length album since then. Jodeci’s music has been sampled, covered, and praised by many artists across genres, such as Drake, BeyoncĂ©, Mariah Carey, Usher, Chris Brown, Ariana Grande, and Bruno Mars. Jodeci is widely regarded as one of the best R&B groups of all time and an inspiration for many generations of musicians.

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